We are a confident, competitive team of Producers that pride themselves in bringing together clarity in execution, creative flair and meaningful budgets.


We work from Athens, Greece, and deliver high-quality, impactful, detailed productions that serve brand value and real human relationships.

Internationally minded, culture-aware and agile in our techniques, we are your forward-thinking partners for projects of every scale and all ambitions.

From advertising to feature films, our expertise is the kind of reliable, powerful thread of experience that runs through facts and fiction, inspiration and end result to wow with warmth and originality.

With our focus both on creative and commercial work, we mix stories with intelligent criteria, including people, place and purpose to create truth out of life.

Real love for our craft and your ideas make a tremendous difference. It's not just about capturing movement, for us stories open hearts and free minds. Motion is who we are, the world is what we live for.